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Our machines are manufactured by Huen Chen Enterprises Ltd. of Taiwan, the largest riveting and eyeleting machine manufacturer in the world.

Over the last 25 years, we've earned the reputation as an industry leader for quality and innovative engineering. The design of our machines make them extremely easy to adjust and maintain. Our Uni-flex Jaw System is the most trouble free jaw system you'll find on any machine.

We offer the widest variety of machines available in the industry to include:

  • Standard Riveting
  • Eyelet Machines
  • Deep Throat Machines
  • Double Spindle Rivet Machines
  • Orbital Riveting Machines
  • Jaw Advance Machines (for applications without a pre-punched hole)
We also have machines specifically designed for:
  • Golf bags
  • Cases
  • Ring binders
  • Luggage
  • In-line skates

Our Uni-flex jaw system solves the complaint most people have about riveting machines - the jaws. The Uni-flex jaws never get out of alignment.
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At Southwest Rivet Machine, We Work Hard to Fit the Right machine to Your Application. We'll even help you design special tooling or automated fixtures to increase your productivity.

Quick Delivery. We keep an inventory of the most popular models in stock.

Ready availability of Spare Parts. We maintain a large inventory of tooling and spare parts in our warehouse in Texas. Our goal is to have the tooling and spare parts you need in stock, available for immediate delivery.