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HC-636 HC-12RFB
Rivet Diameter
1/8 - 1/4"
Throat Depth
13 3/4"
Rivet Diameter
1/8 - 3/16"
Throat Depths
 24 & 36"

rivet setter multiple spindle riveters
HC-1250 HC-536
Rivet Diameter
5/16 - 3/8"
Throat Depth
9 7/8"
Rivet Diameter
3/32 - 3/16"
Throat Depths
9 7/8 & 15 3/4"
Adj. Center Dist.
3/4 to 5 7/8"

(Except for the HC-12RFB, all of these machines have a mechanical foot trip rather than the electric foot trip shown on some photos.)